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The best way to let everyone know your company’s message and values is through advertising. Here, in Zol Studios we care about this, which is why we offer advertising videos up to 6k resolution to ensure the highest modern standards.

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Whether you’re an indie artist or an established one, everyone needs to have a vivid image of your songs. Music is everything, but the music videos have certainly been a part of the music since MTV made them trendy – show to the world what you have to say. Give visual form to your music!

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The union between two people is a unique, intimate and special moment. We know this, that’s why we offer to capture these moments of emotion without missing any detail. We film weddings in Tenerife, Canary Islands. We cover the whole island.

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The magic of film and photography lies in the camera operator’s ability to capture unforgettable moments with skill and precision. At Zol Studios, as professional filmmakers, we immerse ourselves in each scene, focusing on every detail to offer images that tell stories. We provide a Camera Operator service for those looking for someone with experience in Blackmagic and DSLR cameras.

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In life, there are moments that deserve to be celebrated, from baptisms and communions to special birthdays. We understand the importance of these social events and we are proud to be part of them. As specialists in covering events in Tenerife, Canary Islands, we strive to immortalize every smile, every hug and every significant moment.

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A great tradition passed from generation to generation should not be ignored. We are one of the few videographers in the Canary Islands that offer Quinces in Tenerife. As we have Latin roots, we could not overlook these magical moments.

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